Candid camera at Loton Park

Had a great day at Loton Park Hill Climb in Shropshire just wandering around taking pictures with my Fuji XPro1 camera. 

The XPro1 isn't a piece of kit for serious action motor racing photography but it is absolutely brilliant for taking candid pictures. 

No one takes any notice of a small rangefinder camera - unlike a large SLR which makes a definite statement.

I carry 18mm, 35mm and 55-200mm lenses which cover most eventualities, and they all fit in a small bag and weigh almost nothing.

The paddock at hill climbs is always a very friendly place, far removed from the intense rivalry of F1. Imagine Lewis Hamilton applauding Nico Rosberg for beating his time, which is what the top drivers did at Loton Park when Will Hall beat them on Sunday. 

A wonderful way to spend a day in a great setting surrounded by top machinery. Well done Hagley and District Light Car Club!

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